Your Carport Design Choices For A Unique Appeal

Carports are the best solution for parking your vehicles when you want to combine functionality and affordability. It can also significantly improve the value of your property if it can appeal visually while serving its purpose.

If you can’t decide or confused to choose the right design for your carports, please pay attention to the following to make your carport a stylish and functionally appealing one.


The most important part of your carport is its roof, and you have to consider various factors such as weather elements while building carports in Frankston and other suburbs of Melbourne.

Here are some of the most common carport roof options you can choose:

Flat Roof

Flat roof for carport can greatly work with the style of your property if it has a classic design. It can also work with other design styles and can be attached to any property.

Flyover Roof

These carports come with the design of a raised ceiling and ensure excellent airflow and clearance. The roof type is ideal if you want to park a caravan, boat, or a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Gable Roof

The roof, with two sloping sides, ensures excellent light and are weather resistant and versatile. If your house property features a gable roof, choosing a gabled carport can complement each other. Compared to other roof options, gabled roofs are slightly complex to install.

Hip Roof

These types of roofs feature high roofline that gives a spacious look to the interior. These can be freestanding or attach to your house property and can appeal the property than gabled roofs.


Choosing the right materials is also important in designing a carport. Generally, you can choose three different types of materials while building a carport.

Using V line sheeting – made from high tensile Colorbond steel – is a good option as it has a smooth, shiny surface that reflects a significant amount of sunlight and looks stunning.

Insulated sheets for carports are available as ribbed or corrugated. These sheets ensure cooler carport during summer and warmer carport during winter.

A corrugated carport is ideal if you want to match your corrugated house property.

You can also use privacy screens to give an enclosed feel to your carport.