The Sulfur Miners of Mount Ijen

In the mid year more than 4,000 individuals visit the Mount Ijen, a well of lava mountain on the island of Java in Indonesia, amid the night to see the “Blue Fire”. A fire that is the aftereffect of the exceedingly poisonous sulfur that is a rich asset in this spring of gushing lava hole.

Not just night photography can be fascinating to seek after there, yet in addition the day has a considerable measure to offer for us picture takers. I went through 5 weeks with a neighborhood family in a little town and need to share my experience of recording the sulfur diggers and offer a few hints in the event that you are keen on a trek there Yourself.


About Mt. Ijen


Area of Mt. Ijen

The Mt. Ijen is on the far east side of the island Java. The greatest city close to the Mt. Ijen is Banyuwangi, about 1/2 hour driving separation from the downtown area. Java is additionally home to the capital Jakarta and other greater urban communities like Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

There are different choices to visit Mt Ijen depending on the off chance that you originate from the west or east. In the event that You have been in Jakarta and are keen on more impressions of Java, at that point a street excursion may be the correct decision for you to visit the various purposes of intrigue. Originating from the west a stay in Bondowoso may be suggested, despite the fact that the trek to Ijen is fundamentally more.

Different choices incorporate traveling to the airplane terminal of Banyuwangi from Jakarta, or on the off chance that you are in Bali, utilizing the ship to achieve Banyuwangi. Bali is just a couple of hours from Mount Ijen, so in the event that you need to have a bamboozle in context, leaving Bali for a day or two to visit Mount Ijen can be a possibility for you.

Adjacent is additionally the Mountain Raung, which may be all the more fascinating on the off chance that you are searching for intriguing climbing tracks.


Remaining close Mt. Ijen

The City of Banyuwangi is approximately a 1/2 hours auto head out from the base camp of Mount Ijen. By and by, I observed that separation to be too long and favored a fairly short drive.


Rather than remaining in the city, there are a considerable measure of homestays or littler Inns that additionally have awesome administrations for individuals going to the mountain. I had the stunning chance to remain with a nearby family for 5 weeks so I could visit the mountain various circumstances.

The preferred standpoint is, that you are remaining with a neighborhood family that can give the best administration to going by the mountain. Tourism is a major monetary driver these days and a great deal of families that were sulfur diggers themselves, working each day in the hole of the mountain, now fill in as traveler guides.

Obviously remaining in a little town in the Indonesian wilderness doesn’t offer the advantage of a 5-star lodging, however you can encounter the nearby life and the general population are more than welcome to any nonnatives.

So my tip is scan for a homestay close to the city Licin and take a visit to the mountain from that point – look at a couple of choices here.

Fascination of Ijen amid the Day

I’d say 90% of sightseers come amid the night since they need to see the “Blue Fire”. Which is reasonable, it is an extremely excellent fascination, yet I trust that the Mount Ijen additionally has its appealing side amid the day.

You can manage the cavity and all its environment, spectating the specialists and the ocean. The nature is from one perspective exceptionally delightful, yet in addition extremely strange at this fountain of liquid magma. Taking a gander at the ocean it would appear that one of those intriguing spots where you simply need to hop right in and cooldown after a long stroll to the pit.

Actually, you wouldn’t survive swimming there for long. The sulfur likewise made the water exceptionally lethal and swimming clearly wouldn’t be an awesome thought. Same applies to the “haze” which is frequently very dangerous sulfur smoke too. Gas veils are required for this outing, yet at any rate the sulfur is perceptible because of its solid odor and less inclined to be mistaken for innocuous mist.

Climbing to the Top

From the “Basecamp” it is around a 1/2 hours climb to the highest point of the cavity. Know however, that there are some extremely soak entries that require some essential physical wellness. In no way, shape or form, is it a climb that you should take in the event that you are harmed, sick, or basically don’t feel like in the physical constitution for this exertion.


Then again, there is no age limitation and essentially, anybody can make it to the best. There are places you can lay in transit and after around 60 minutes, there is additionally a Warung that offers sodas, desserts or water. Know however, that the opening hours can be exceptionally sporadic, so it is prescribed to convey some nourishment and water yourself.

Regardless, I would suggest taking a neighborhood visit manage that leads you to the best. Generally gas covers are required, which the aides can give. Their level of English is exceptionally essential yet correspondence shouldn’t be an issue.

After you have landed at the highest point of the hole, you have the decision of going down to the ground level and witness the sulfur yourself. This is the place the a good time for me starts, yet additionally the all the more debilitating part.

Going down the pit requires much more physical consideration. On the off chance that you feel that the climb was at that point excessively tiring, at that point I would abstain from going inside the hole. There are no handrails, no reasonable way, and one basic stumble can cause an intense mischance.

It is no joke that there is this sign at the best, attempting to keep any traveler from going any further.


Capturing the Sulfur Miners

My objective as a picture taker was to report one of the hardest occupations on this planet. The mineworkers, working in the cavity bear 70kg of sulfur from the base of the hole to the best.

They don’t do this rising to the best once, yet up to 4 times each day, bringing home more than 200kg of sulfur. They can make up to 500$ a month with this stressing work, which won’t not sound a ton for a vocation that is exceptionally unsafe to their wellbeing, yet in Indonesia, this is as of now a decent measure of cash to help a family.

Shooting the Sulfur mineworkers itself is quite simple. They are persevering individuals however when all is said in done likewise exceptionally open to the sightseers. Remember however, that you are in their working space. In this manner you should regard their work and not get in their direction while slipping yourself.

This can be a troublesome assignment on occasion in light of the fact that the way is narrow to the point that there isn’t any space for two individuals. At that point it is simply better for you to back off and let the excavators pass.

Obviously, with 70kg laying on your shoulder, you wouldn’t have any desire to sit tight for some visitor either, so they generally ought to have the privilege of way.

While they likewise don’t ask for any cash for the photographs, some of them offer merchandise made out of sulfur. In the event that you need to help them, you should seriously mull over bringing home a sulfur keepsake.

The plunge takes around 30 to 45 minutes relying upon how bustling the way is and in which course the breeze blows the sulfur smoke. It is fitting to test the gas cover in advance to ensure you are prepared to deal with it accurately when required.

On your way down, You can discover better places that simply welcome you to rest for a moment and take a few photos of the landscape.

When you are on the ground level of the hole, you can either go to one side, where the sulfur funnels are, blowing the smoke into the air, or you can go to the correct side to draw near to were the mineworkers really get the sulfur. Make a point to chat with your guide heretofore where you need to go.

Drawing near to the genuine mining ought to be painstakingly considered. My guide didn’t need me to go there on account of the risks included. The smoke consumes your eyes and the gas-cover doesn’t shield you 100% from the mischief of the smoke.

At the mining ground, the laborer will likewise request a little charge in the event that you need to photo there for the group. It is a reasonable amusement since they attempt to get you as close as could be allowed and demonstrate to you how they function, so I wouldn’t fret paying some little additional.

When you caught your pictures, you can start the climb again and observe your photos and this strange place from the wellbeing of your home.


Rigging Advice

I wouldn’t fret excessively about my rigging as I consider it to be working hardware. Yet, know that there is a considerable measure of smoke. I wouldn’t exhort changing any focal point while being close to the hole in light of the fact that the smoke and tidy will just mischief your sensor.

In this way take one focal point with you that you need to utilize and don’t change focal points.

An UV-channel will shield your focal point from the tidy and minor rubble or scratches. Keep a cleaning tissue with you, just in the event that you need to clean the LCD-screen or simply the camera itself.

In the wake of heading off to the Mount Ijen, all my garments were shrouded in sulfur tidy as was my camera. The FujiX100F that I utilized was fine with it however and didn’t raise any hell. On the off chance that you fear your super costly rigging, consider running there with a littler camera first and assess yourself if your apparatus can withstand the smoke.

With everything taken into account, it was a memory for life to be there and photo and in the event that you are in Bali or Indonesia, you should see that noteworthy cavity yourself. Meet neighborhood individuals and plunge into an entire other world, that you could never observe something else.